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Viña Casa Montero's wines are the result of years of winemaking tradition in the Colchagua Valley. Generation after generation we have seen how the land gives us exceptional grapes ...




The OriginThe Colchagua Valley

Colchagua Valley was for Lindorfo and María Teresa their adoptive land, a mature land, with fertile vineyards and home of our wines, where the history of Casa Montero is written with golden letters.
Located approximately 150 km south of Santiago, San Fernando is the capital and main
city of this territory. Another city that stands out mainly for tourism is Santa Cruz. Warm
and naturally dry, but with abundant water provided by the Tinguiririca river. Colchagua
is a narrow agricultural valley that begins at the foot of Los Andes Mountains and extends
West to the Paci c Ocean. In the southern half of the Rapel Valley, Colchagua has
evolved in the last 15 years from a quiet extension of agricultural lands to one of the
largest and most active wine regions of the country.  e relatively low elevation of the
coastal hills allows the Paci c breeze to interact with the Andean winds, cooling the valley
and extending the ripening period of the regions grapes, which bene ts the wine.